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We are renowned manufacturer of high temperature ceramic fiber products that is widely used as thermal insulation material in various industries. Woven from ceramic fibre yarns these ceramic fibre cloth are quality tested for dust control.

An excellent heat insulating material, this cloth is a perfect alternative for asbestos cloth. The cloth laminated with aluminum foil on one side, can be easily reinforced with either glass fiber yarn or metallic wire (stainless steel or nickel wire).

Salient Features:
  • Heat Insulation Curtain
  • Large Area Thermal Insulation
  • Radiant Heat Shielding
  • Flexible Fabric Expansion Joints

High Purity refractory fibers for high temperature insulation

REX RCF Paper is produced from Alumina- Silicate fibers with the minimum addition of carefully selected bonds, which burn out cleanly in service.

RCF paper has low shrinkage, good handling strength, and low thermal conductivity. It contains a small amount of organic binder for processing which makes it flexible, and reduces off-gassing and odor during use.

REX RCF Paper has highly uniform structure due to its controlled basis weight and thickness, assuring homogeneous thermal conductivity and a clean, smooth surface ideal for gasket or sealing. Its flexibility allows it to be wrapped or rolled to fit most complex configurations

  • High flexibility
  • Good resistance to tearing
  • Precise thickness
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • Very low thermal conductivity
Color: White
Temperature Range: 1260ºC continuous 1800ºC melting point
Thickness: 1~10mm
Sizes available: 500 mm width X 1000 mm length 1000 mm width X 1000 mm length

Low Thermal Conductivity Will not burn or smolder. Resistance to thermal shock. Resistence to vibration and stress. High tensile with Inconel wire reinforced.


Max Continuous temperature: 1250°C.

Melting Temperature : 1800°C


5~100mm. Normal Packing : 5kgs ~ 25kgs/roll

Technical Specifications

Sizes availableColorTemperature RangeChemical CompositionDensityWeave Style
3 mm to 100 mmWhite1260ºC continuous 1800ºC melting point70% Al, 30% SiO20.6 to 0.8 g/ccBraided

This kind of tape is specially produced for use in flange joints with bolts.


Widely used as thermal insulation tape in various industries, such as high temperature resistant electrical cable, wire covering and pipe wrapping.


Maximum temperature: 650°C for glass fiber reinforced tape. -20 °C ~+150 °C (Fluor1260°C for stainless steel wire reinforced tape.)


Thickness :1.5~5.0mm. Width: 10~150mm. Normal Packing: 30m/roll.

Tetraglas is woven fiberglass tape made with type E texturized yarns. Available in both plain and drop wrap weave, it has continuous operating temperature of 1000°F / 540°C and has excellent resistance to most acids, alkalis and solvents. We also offer a lighter weight Industrial Grade material. Both constructs can be coated with Vermiculite or PTFE.

Tetraglas 3000 is constructed from amorphous silica fibers and has continuous operating temperature of 2000°F/1090°C. It is also available as both plain and drop warp tape. Vermiculite coating can be added to this product to increase abrasion resistance.

Ceramic fiber tape has a continuous operating temperature of 3000°F/1649°C. It is woven with an insert material of either glass fibers or inconel wire for added strength and durability.

Our Ceramic cloth is a woven material made from alumina-silica ceramic fiber and has a continuous operating temperature of 2300°F /1260°C. It has excellent chemical stability and strong resistance to thermal shock and corrosion attack.

Available with either inconel wire or fiberglass filament insert to increase handling strength and enhance fiber durability, standard rolls are 36 inch wide by 50 feet long. It can be coated with vermiculite or graphite and is an ideal material for gaskets, expansion joints, welding blankets and curtains, and insulation blankets/ pads, folded and stitched strips and tapes and tadpole tapes.

Our ceramic cloth provides a versatile solution to your high temperature protection needs in the construction, power plant, primary metals, chemical processing, shipyards, refinery, mining, and many other industries

REX ceramic fiber braided Sleeve is manufactured from ceramic fiber yarn, by the method of tubular braiding to obtain a flexible sleeve, suitable for caulking and general thermal insulation application, with properties of low thermal conductivity and suitable for high temperature, etc. Ceramic sleeve is widely used for hoses and cable protection material.

REX Ceramic Sleeve can be easily reinforced with either glass fiber yarn or metallic wire (stainless steel or nickel wire).

Max Continuous temperature 650C. With Glass fiber reinforced.Max Continuous temperature: 1260C. With Stainless Steel reinforced Melting Temperature : 1800°C

  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Will not burn or smolder.
  • Resistance to thermal shock.M
  • Resistance to vibration and stress.
  • High tensile with SS reinforced.
  • Color: White
  • Temperature Range:1260ºC continuous 1800ºC melting point
  • Chemical Composition:70% Al, 30% SiO2
  • Density:0.6 to 0.8 g/cc
  • Weave Style:Braided
  • Sizes available:10 mm to 75 mm – inner diameter
  • Normal Packing:5kgs ~ 25kgs/roll

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