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High quality graphite sheets have excellent resistance to chemical, air, water, oil, fuel, etc.
They have a built – in anti stick property hence using the product solves the problem of adhesion to the flanges.
  • Graphite Sheet with SS Wire Reinforcements
  • Graphite Sheet With SS 304 / SS 316 Tanged Reinforcements
  • Graphite Sheet with Tin Reinforcements

Slade starts with special patented yarns. The yarns are reinforced with flattened strips of stainless steel and totally encapsulated in flexible graphite (fig. 1). We “weave” these yarns into sheets 80” wide (lengths: 80”, 160” and higher).

The woven design produces a ‘metallic leaf-spring effect’ (fig. 2), developed to deform easily to fill voids, scratches and warped surfaces. Once compressed, they form a tough but resilient graphite sheet. The sheet cuts easily despite their toughness.
REX Sheet has the feel of leather, the toughness of stainless steel, and the seal-ability of graphite. Flexible enough to ship in tubes (fig. 3).
Ranges4,500 PSI (310 BAR)80″ X 80″ and 80″ X 160″1-14-400°F (-240°C) to 1800°F (1000°C)1/16″, 3/32″ and 1/8”
Construction Method

Step 1:

Construction of Weaving Yarns: Flat metallic leaf springs of stainless steel encapsulated in a thick graphite foil jacket.

Step 2:

Yarns are woven into a tough, resilient cloth-like sheet. The stainless steel reinforced yarns crisscross throughout the cloth to impart tremendous strength and resiliency to the sheet and gaskets cut from the sheet.

Step 3:

The woven sheets are compressed to increase density to form a leak-tight gasket sheet, ready to cut. The sheets are flexible enough to roll for shipping and storage.

  • Densities -1.1 g /cc -1.9 g /cc
  • Carbon content -99% -99.85%
  • Chloride cont: 50 ppm max
  • Sulphur content: 1300 ppm
  • Fluoride content: <30 ppm
  • Ash content: 0.5 % max

  • Thickness:0.1~0.8mm
  • Length:30~60m
  • Density: 0.7~1.2
  • The tensile strength: ≥4.2mpa
  • Sulphur Content: ≤1000PPM
  • Chlorine Conten: ≤50PPM
REX Graphite Rings are manufactured normally in a range of densities from 1.2 g/cc to 1.8 g/cc with carbon content ranging from 99% to 99.85% Corrosion and Oxidation resistant grades and PTFE impregnated grades also supplied. Flexible and highly impermeable to gases and liquids. Metal tipped graphite molded rings to customer drawings are available for high pressure/anti extrusion applications. These rings have high thermal conductivity and don’t contain any Adhesives or Binders and have self lubricating properties and is therefore virtually maintenance free.
Standard Carbon Content 99%
Density Range 1.2 g/cc to 1.8 g/cc
Temperature -200°C to + 2,800°C in inert or reducing conditions
-200°C to + 500°C in oxidizing conditions
Tensile strength ASTM F152 >5.2Mpa
Compressibility 47%
Recovery ASTM F36/A >9%
Chloride content 50 ppm maximum
Suphur content 1300 ppm
Fluoride content < 30 ppm
Ash content < 1.0%

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