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Rexsealing & Packing Product Range

We are engaged in the manufacturing of wide range of industrial packing products, which provide solutions to hazards leakages in pumps handling aggressive & abrasive fluid media, valves, vessels & other industrial applications. Some of our products includes Jointing Sheets, Gaskets Sheet, Asbestos Sheet, Non Asbestos Sheet, Fabric Expansion Jonits, Fabric Bellows, Removable and Reusable Insulation Jackets, Thermal Jackets, Fire Sleeve, Tadpole seal, Pyro Sleeve, electrical insulation tapes, adhesive thermal insulation tapes, cotton gland packing, lubricated cotton gland packing, ceramic fiber cloths, spiral wound gaskets, fibre sheets, flexible shields, free hose, adhesive tapes, braided ropes and others.
Our range of industrial packing products includes:
  • Asbestos Jointing Sheet
  • Non-Asbestos Jointing Sheet
  • Gland Packing
  • Fabric Expansion Joints
  • P.T.F.E. packing
  • GFO fibre packing
  • P.T.F.E. graphite packing
  • Pure aramid packing
  • Pure graphite packing
  • PTFE + aramid packing
  • Aramid + PTFE packing
  • PTFE + PTFE packing
  • Carbon-graphite packing
  • Fire Sleeve
  • Pyro jacket
  • Tadpole Seal / gasket
  • Ceramic packing
  • Ceramic tape
  • Ceramic sleeve
  • Ceramic cloth
  • Silica cloth
  • Silica gloves
  • Silica tape adhesive
Further, our range of industrial packing products, are available with following features:
  • Excellent Resistance
  • High Mechanical strength
  • Enhance Packing
  • High Durability
  • High Strength
  • Good Abrasion Resistance
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